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Caffè San Domenico is already supplier of numerous coffee shops, especially in Piedmont, Italy, but we would like to expand our horizons.

Contact us to find out our offers and formulas for bars.

In restaurants, coffee time is the completion of an excellent meal. You don’t have to spoil the customer’s palate, but at the same time you cannot commit financial resources.

The solution is to use our gourmet capsules.

  • eliminate the burden costs of expensive professional machines
  • possibility to offer the customer the experience of a coffee menu for a better experience
  • long shelf life of the capsules: more choice even with low rotation
  • no staff training needed

If you are interested in adding Caffè San Domenico among your products list, contact us to receive a dedicated pricelist, with discounts based on volumes.

We would be honored if you decided to offer Caffè San Domenico among your products.

We offer both coffee beans and ground coffee as well as coffee in capsules and pods. The cuts are different and adapt to the various needs of your consumers.

Contact us to receive a dedicated pricelist.

For almost 10 years we have started to collaborate with Solidarity Purchasing Groups, with whom we share the spirit and objectives: our reality, however small, tries to leave a mark to improve the community and the environment. We have zero environmental impact, we only use raw materials from controlled supply chains and all our packaging is recyclable and OK Compost certified.

If you are interested in proposing our capsule coffees inside your company spaces for your customers or employees, contact us.

We will set up a business account with which you will be able to order directly on our onlite shop at economic conditions dedicated to you.

If you are not a professional but just a coffee lover and yo need more information: